Halloween Flyer

I was recently introduced to a designer at an area restaurant supply chain and it turned out they had a need for a designer to help with their large amount of production/design work for upcoming holiday blasts.

The following is a Halloween flyer I produced for them and although I had to deliver it with many of the images as place holders due to their resolution, I’m very happy with it.

Halloween Flyer-1

Halloween Flyer-2

Logo Reworking

As most production artists and graphic designers can attest, there are times that you’re given a low res image and asked to “just copy it.” This is an example of one of the many cases in which a client said they had a logo they wanted on a shirt only to realize they had a tiny jpg that I needed to rework.

I had wanted to make each harp more detailed but the client insisted they look as close to the original image as possible.

Logo Remake

Sportswear Designs

The following entries are a small selection of designs I’ve created for a local sportswear event company. This has been a great learning experience for me in that I’ve worked on a wide range of events as well as many contacts across the country. There have been a number of challenges whether it be a team mom or rush jobs at the 11th hour. It’s also been challenging to limit myself to the standards set by the screen printer.

Arkansas River Valley Logo


Race for Earth Day

2012 SOUTHERN CLASSIC approvalform-02 Print

Beach Soccer Lowcountry Feis Approved Logo

SCMGA Gymnastics Logo

Tier 1 Logo

Charleston Cup

Print Print

The Science of Volleyball

The volleyball instructor was so happy with my previous design, she contacted me once again to create something for her travel team. Again she wanted a science theme but this time she was able to up the price which allowed me to add the green team color.

Atom molecule 1

Run the Waves

A former coworker, now working towards her graduate degree at Pepperdine, contacted me about designing a logo for their 5k. I love designing for charities and non-profits so the PepperdineC4C event was a joy to be a part of. These shirts were printed on a matching orange color and sold very well.

Run for the Waves


A local volleyball instructor wanted a logo that tied in her love of science and that resembled a molecule. This instantly came to mind and we both love it. The depth of the design is what makes it work so well and she intends to use it on her website and shirts.

Polished Image Detailing

A friend of mine recently started his own detailing business and wanted a logo made. I was of course glad to help and the fact that he is over the moon on how it turned out was nice.

Polished Image Pi Logo

Polished Image Word Logo

Dunkel Day-Lewis Logo Design

A friend made a small batch of Dunkelweizen and wanted a logo to add to the bottels.

More Logo Designs

Just a few more logos I’ve been able to work on in the last few weeks.


Various Logo Designs

While freelancing for a local magazine company, I was given the opportunity to design a couple of logos for various companies. The first is for a guide service and the second is for a K9 trainer. They were both added to their respective ads and ran in the October issue of the magazine

Mail Handlers Local 332

I was recently contacted by a member of the Utah Mail Handlers Local 332 for logo design. They were very easy to work with and their requests were simple and easy to carry out. They wanted a union logo that included; The Golden Spike, The Wasatch Front and their three locations, Provo, Salt Lake and Ogden. They also wanted to keep it simple because printing setup costs were going to factor into their decision. The final product is seen below and I’m glad to say that the were very happy with both the color version and the B&W version as well. Looking forward to posting pictures of the actual shirt soon.

South Sound Suites

A former colleague opened a full and part time executive office rental location and needed help a logo. the not sure what he wanted at all, he did give a list of logos and colors he liked. The following is the logo that was finally decided upon and though I am not personally a fan of the gradient, the client loved it.


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