Ask most kids under the age of 12 what they like most about school and they’ll likely tell you recess. I said art. I loved art. I couldn’t get enough of it. I’d spend recess’ doodling and designing everything from cars, jets and dinosaurs to shoes nature scenes and buildings.

In the early years my techniques and mediums were quite limited. However, as my education progressed, I moved from pencil and paper to oils, watercolors, chalk as well as spray paint. Through high school I would take on as much extra credit work as possible just to be able to try something new.

Nowadays most of my work is done on both a Mac and a PC for work, but I always make time to be creative in my personal life. The following are just a few examples from the dozens of books, canvass’, and nontraditional mediums I’ve worked with. The following is jus a sample of my larger collection seen on my Facebook page.

Pop Art Star Wars Helmets

During Christmas shopping I found myself looking at Star Wars helmets in the toy isle wondering what could be done to spice them up a bit. They were all on sale so I purchased a number of them, probably more than I should have, and decided to make them resemble the Top Gun helmets. I then wanted to make one for a niece and what better way to paint a Darth Vader helmet than a bright pink Hello Kitty design.


Distressed Trooper

I had a canvas that wasn’t cooperating so I threw a bunch of paint all over it in hopes I would be inspired. I then had the idea to put a face of some kind on it but was torn between a Lucha Libre mask or a Trooper helmet. Now that I have the Helmet I may need to make one with a mask on it.

Mario meets Bob Ross

I picked up this oil painting at a local antique store and thought it would be interesting to mix both medium and art style. I painted the Fire Mario with acrylic and really liked how it turned out. Now I’m searching for something to add Duck Hunt to.

48″x50″ Acrylic Pixel Painting

The Freelance world has slowed down considerably as of late which has given me more time to focus on personal projects. I picked up this 48″50″ canvas at Michael’s and decided I’d make something a little different. I’m pleased with how it came out and look forward to the questions and comments it will bring while hanging on my wall.

Tacoma Metropolitans Hat Design  

There was a “Buy 1 Get 1” sale at Lids so I took advantage of it and bought a hat to decorate in with Mets logo. I must research pens for painting on fabrics because the set I used bled more than I would have liked. Although I like how it turned out, I feel it could have been better. In the end I don’t think I’ll be wearing it much because it’s a white but it makes a great shlef piece.


I’ve recently had a lot of free to to devote to my vinyl obsession so I thought a post was in order. All of these were Do It Yourself (DIY) pieces purchased at either Schmancy or Urban Outfitters in Seattle. They all sat in a box for far to long as I narrowed down my decision on how to decorate them.

Up first is a MUNNY that I primed with flat flack interior/exterior spray paint then splattered paint pens on. I was pleased with how well the pens reacted to the smooth surface.

Up next is the “Lonestar Collection”. After finishing the first Splatter MUNNY, I thought I would design the next few with a theme. I started small with a mini MUNNY and used the same technique, starting with flat black and splattering on a bit of color. As you will see, each of the following has a star placed upon it in the same general area.

I’ve decided this will be my trademark whenever I paint a vinyl figure. It is my own little calling card and can be added to any figure I customize whether it be my own or for someone else.

After completing the first mini I moved on to a larger MUNNY. I’m a big fan of WWII history and the vehicles and machines that were involved. Therefore, for my next project I decided to go with an Army Jeep theme. Something in a beat up olive drab green color. I applied one coat of flat black and one coat of etch prime olive drab green to the larger MUNNY. All the while keeping the star and “license number” (LNSTR) tapped off. After removing the tape, I gently sanded areas to get the effect I was looking for. I am very pleased with how this came out and am currently working on a matching hat to accompany it.

While attending WSU I became very interested in geology and various land formations along with topography maps. When it came time to design this mini I decided to make the star a lake and make a topo map around it. Due to the fact that the MUNNY is 3 dimensional, it was a bit difficult to keep the lines flowing in the manner in which I had wanted. However, in the end it’s a fun design and I like it more than I dislike it. The great thing about vinyl is that you can always use goof-off and start over.

Moving away from designer KidRobot I was given a LABBIT by Kozik from a friend. He had a request to make an argyle print but to keep it fresh and two-tone. Though the topography MUNNY was nearly two-tone, I like to add color in to most of my work. I was thus forced to make a simple pattern come alive. I once again turned to the splatter idea and I think it came out quite nicely. Most important my friend likes it and seeing as how it’s going to be on his shelf, that’s all that matters.

Manga Pixelated Vehicles

The past week has been slow as far as freelance work is concerned so I thought I’d work on an old project, Manga Cars. There are forums and blogs dedicated to this genre of Photoshop skill and I feel it really helps with focus and attention to detail.

The first image I worked on was my car and I used this one as practice before I attempted anything more advanced. The top version is how it might have looked at the dealership and the bottom version is how it would look after modifications.

The second vehicle has been posted before, but not to this scale. It is the #66 Porsche from earlier and this is just an addition to the previous artists vehicle. I took his base Porsche and added the race livery to it.

Finally, I have a modified Audi TT. For this vehicle I took a base Audi, added a body kit and then once again added a simple RedBull livery to it. Though body kits are available in the forums, I had to modify several of them together to get one that fit this vehicle.

Tacoma Metropolitans Jersey Design Final

Well we finally received our jersey’s for the season and although they are a big hit with the team, I can’t say I’m completely happy with the turnout. As the artist I find myself picking them apart due to poor printing alignment and the fact that in my original design the logo was bigger. Yes I realize I sound like most clients when I say that, but it’s true. The bottom of the M should have been an inch above the lower stripe, not four.

I guess in the end it’s nice that the client (the team) is happy with the finished product.

WSU Kids Shoes

A Co-worker saw the shoes I made for last years Gridiron Classic and asked if I would make a pair for her daughter. Working on such a small shoe was a bit challenging but the outcome was great.

More Sketch Book Entries

I had a bit of free time to scan and resize a few images over the last week so that’s exactly what I did.

More “Forza Motorsports 2” Liveries

The following car is from the 2006 Gumball Rally. Sponsored by DC Shoes, this Subaru  STI was a fan favorite and came in three versions. Beings that my favorite color is orange, I chose to replicate this one. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have the four door version so I had to make do with what I had.

CEZEUM Apparel Designs

My brother-in-law started a company called CEZEUM as a side project to keep is creativity alive. Thus far, he’s printed several shirts and sweatshirts however, with a full-time job he can only do so much. I made the following items for him over the years as Christmas and birthday gifts.

The pictures made me wish I had a piece of black fabric for backgrounds.


Tacoma Metropolitans Jersey Design

I play hockey in my free time and this winter I’ll be on a team named the Tacoma Mets. We chose this name because the Seattle Metropolitans were the first American team to win the Stanley Cup. The following designs represent what I’m hoping our jerseys will look like.

A few cars I designed in the “Forza Motorsports 2” video game

Forza Motorsports has a built-in design studio which users can create rolling pieces of art. When finished, they can upload these cars to the Forza Community and “sell” them for credits. The following are just a few of the several dozen I’ve made for myself as well as for paying members.

Forza Motorsports 2 Race Liveries

The final picture of the #66 Porsche took me the better part of a weekend to make but as you can see, it closely resembles the die cast and I was happy with how it turned out. Each letter, and color represents a single layer so lining them up correctly was a bit of a challenge. However, The Louis Vuitton Acura NSX above had over 1100 layers per side.

Shoe Design

A Pair of DC Shoes I bought and painted on for the 2007 Gridiron Classic. I had the day off and Nordstrom had a sale. Sometimes that’s all you need to find a moment for creativity.

Cougar Shoes


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  1. Dave said

    I like your Seattle Metros design…I hope they adopt it!

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