3D Renderings and Presentation Posters

A large part of our presentation material is our notebook. In each notebook, we allow the sales rep to pic and choose the sections they’d like to show their perspective buyers. The following is a large PDF file with multiple sections. Do yourself a favor and grab a glass of water while it opens.

Notebook Example

3D Renderings and Presentation Posters

When presenting to schools there is often the elements of not only school board members, but PTA and student voting. The following posters are usually sent so both kids and parents can see how 2-5 and 5-12 areas are separated, how the equipment looks with children on them and a full layout of their park/playground.

   Millard Elementary & Middle School 24x36 Poster - 2 views-1 Millard Elementary & Middle School 24x36 Poster - 2 views-2Childrens Home Society 36x36 Poster Option 1LTBK 56x36 QP - Horizontal-ELEMENTSLTBK 56x36 QP - Horizontal-STORY MAKERS

3DS Max Screen Grabs

The following are two screen grabs from one of the above parks. Since these are “for display purposes only” we are able to tweak the angle, direction, and placement of each piece of equipment. However, the size ratio of each piece never changes.

M2 M3

Photoshop Retouching

Often times we work with architects that want a photo rendering of what a park could look like so a but of Photoshop is needed. The following is an example of Photoshop retouching.

Jay Pic 1


Jay Pic 2


Jay Pic 3

Here is an example of a photo match rendering in Utah for a park being built. The sales rep and community wanted to see what they could expect the park to look like once finished.

Ron Wood Park_1Ron Wood Park_1-22


WaterSense, a partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, makes it easy for Americans to save water and protect the environment.

This was my first assignment as a production artist at Dave Syferd & Partners and it was a great to work with a non-profit organization. We worked with Colehour+Cohen on this project because although they are a full service Public Relations & Social Marketing company they lack a creative department. Thus they hire out and I was able to work on the project.

Featured in 30+ magazines these three versions of advertisements ranged in size and it was my job to resize them and deliver them to our production manager. Many magazines wanted several versions and sizes which allowed me to become more knowledgeable with Freehand.

Water Sense PSA's

Technogym Kinesis Program Templates

To help promote the Kinesis program within each facility, Technogym wanted a few basic templates made. These templates would help gym owners provide information on their recently purchased Technogym programs as well as provide them with Marketing tools to promote their facility.

There were 15 programs in all with each focusing on a specific program or range of motion. Each program came with the following pieces: flyers, poster, email templates, and hanging cards. All these were included on two discs and were delivered in a DVD case.

As you can see, the main picture was seen throughout the entire package. This was so facility owners could differentiate from one program to another.

Technogym Sales Brochures

This project was to design sales collateral for five target markets that would incorporate many of the same pieces of equipment. Therefore, the layouts body copy and many of the images were seen in each brochure. Each brochure was between 24 and 32 pages in length and required several editions.

Making this project more time-consuming was the fact that all changes had to be submitted to their Italian office for approval.

Technogym Wellness Covers

Technogym Wellness Page Examples

2007 SkiBonkers

For the 2007 SkiBonkers sale I was able to design two very fun items. The first was a two-sided fan flyer that would be handed out at Mariner and Seahawk home games during Labor Day weekend. Each would have the SkiBonkers advertisement on the back with text on the front. Approximately 5000 of each were made and they were seen on the evening news casts.

SkiBonkers Flyer

The second item was a Segway cover. This was applied to two Segways that traveled around the stadium before the games.

SkiBonkers Segway

2007 FAI

The Food Allergy Initiative (FAI) is a non-profit organization that raises funds toward the effective treatment and cure for food allergies. Tied in with Sturtevant’s we help with FAI’s yearly banquet in the form of invitation, flyer, poster and program design.

This years theme was “Imagine” and had a French feel to it. The pictures throughout the program are paintings done by The Children of FAI. Though I wasn’t a fan of the green and blue text, it was a client request and I think in the end it made this simple piece pop just like they wanted it to.

FAI Program


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